February 8th Meeting Minutes

February 8th Meeting Minutes

Meeting Feb 8th @ 10.

*Discussed meetings we have had with the city, and their recommendations.

*The special meeting was announced and held to discuss/decide between the two choices offered by the city in regard to traffic calming. We are on a time crunch, and needed to make a decision. The city will stripe Longhunter, and add crosswalks at no cost to us.  The two options are to stripe the edges with white, and have a yellow center line, or to just have the white stripes along the edge of the street. The decision was made with the majority of the people in favor of the yellow center line included. The city will try to budget this in for this year, but may be next year.

*Make an official request to the city about adding some no parking signs in some trouble areas. We will submit pictures of areas to the city.

*Discussed the city looking at making changes to the entrance. They agree it is not geometrically correct. We discussed getting the needed signatures to give to the city.

*Discussed having block managers.

*Discussed issues we are having with Ole South & Ghertner, and where we stand at the moment with both.

*Discussed adding a rental cap amendment, and what we would need for it to pass.

*Discussed who owns the land at the end of Longhunter, and possibly getting an exit there. This was brought up by a homeowner.


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